360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera

360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera

61SxZpNTaL. SL1272  1024x964 - 360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera
360 eyed 2 1 150x150 - 360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera
  • Specifications:
    Power Port:E27/E26port 
    Micro secure digital memory card:support up to 128G 
    Audio:two way intercom 
    Power Supply:100∼240V AC, 50∼60 Hz
    Power Consumption:< 6W
    LED Light: 3x1w 
    Video code: H.264 
    Audio code: AAC
    Resolution: 1280 x1024(1.3mp)
  • Wherever You Go, See All You Can See
  • Never been easier to add to your home security system. It only takes minutes to set up and keep you connected to your home or office from anywhere in the world. Accessing live streaming video on your iOS/Android smartphone at any time, which means you’re never far from home. If any motion detected, will Alerts through APP push notifications(IOS and Android) to keep you notified.
  • The camera is at the bottom of the light bulb which 360-degree wide angle view with 1/3” fisheye Lens allows you monitoring your house with clear video. The light bulb wireless security camera is good for increasing visibility into baby’s room, points of entry, basements, garages, pets’ room, elder care and business office. It easy to stay connected with home, people who you love and pets, no matter where you are.
61SjKpNjQtL. SL1280  576x1024 - 360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera

Package Content: 
1 x Panoramic Camera 
1 x Reset Pin 
1 x Connector 
1 x Manual 

5199FSkbIfL. AC SY400  1 - 360° FishEye Security Bulb Camera

1.Make sure your router supports 2.4G Wi-Fi as the camera does not support 5G Wi-Fi
2.The camera is not a waterproof product. It can be used outdoors, but it need to cover the top part of the bulb from the weather, like a glass lampshade protection
3.The micro SD memory card is not included
4.The camera has no infrared function. If you need to view the video at night or in a dark place, you need to turn the light on.
5.The wall switch need to be on all the time.

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